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Leadership Skills From a Former Follower: A Blueprint for Success by Dr. Mays

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“Being homeless pushed me harder to achieve my goals. Now I know I'm doing exactly what she would have wanted me to do.”

In his first book, Dr. Samose L. Mays talks about how he lost his way on the journey through life but was able to get back on his feet and become an inspirational leader. This wasn’t his first time enrolling in school, as he had dropped out twice from Georgia Southern. In his early 30s, he was determined to complete his doctorate degree but was unable to make ends meet; he subsequently became homeless. He worked part-time jobs as a personal trainer and at a local recreation center to help pay for gas and food. He would wake up in his car, train clients at the gym in the morning, head to work at the rec center, and then go back to the gym to train afternoon clients. Then he would take a shower at the gym, hang out until they closed, and go back to sleep in his car. Dr. Mays completed his doctoral assignments whenever and wherever he had the chance. He utilized computers at the rec center or library and scheduled his time around the open hours. While he struggled to make ends meet, he excelled as a student. It never crossed his mind to give up again.

Today, Dr. Mays runs both the North and South recreation centers in Bryan County, GA, which offer sports, summer camps, and activities for kids and adults. He focuses on bringing new and innovative programs to everyone in the community. He also teaches a class at Georgia Southern, serving as an adjunct professor. Several of his students have interned at the rec centers, and some are now working with him full time. Dr. Mays says teaching students and helping them achieve the dream of working in recreation is a true blessing. Reflecting on his unique journey, Dr. Mays recalls a promise he made to his mother to do something great with the values she instilled in him. Paperback, 116 pages.


When Jason "J.L." Raynor started 105 Publishing, his initial intentions were to utilize the company to publish his own books. However, after seeing other authors go through terrible publishers as he did, the purpose of 105 shifted to helping others, making sure they didn’t have the same experience. At 105 Publishing, they will exceed your expectations. When you decide to work with them, you aren’t just a client, you are a member of the 105 Family.

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