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Curated Playlist by Anahita Bradberry

Curated Playlist by Anahita Bradberry

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A 2-hour curated mix of songs that have inspired Anahita Bradberry's sculptural practice lately, put together by the artist for you. 

This mix will be sent to you electronically via email.


Anahita (Ani) Bradberry is an Iranian-American artist and writer creating sculptural situations with plasma light. Her work combines illuminated rare gasses within glass tubes amongst natural and industrial materials, often exploring a state of alienation that is defined by oscillating identities and cultural memory. She finds the lack of predictability in materials such as neon gas and other organic matter as a valuable characteristic, allowing the artwork autonomy and evolution over time.

As organic bodies and minimal geometries, her practice is an exercise in life-forming: filling fragile tubular vessels with pulsing plasma. Each object is simultaneously a multidimensional line and a borderless field of light.

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