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Black and Red Checkered Sphere Necklace

$ 160.00 $ 200.00

The ARO checkered sphere necklace draws inspiration from the traditional Mexican Chime Necklace. Our design of the sphere incorporates an updated checkered pattern, which has been meticulously hand-painted using resin.


Launched in 2017, the ARO collection started when founder Leslie Hernandez wanted to offer her boutique clients classic and well-made jewelry at reasonable prices. She traveled to Mexico in search of production partners and found Taxco, a city of jewelers known for their silverwork dating back centuries. Since then she has created a line of essential, contemporary, and fine pieces prototyped and produced in Taxco, Mexico and Austin, Texas. Most of our pieces are hand fabricated or cast using the lost-wax casting process. The collection features modernist inspired pieces and is made with high-quality metals and gemstones.

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