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ABC Picture Book of Fingerspelling by Pamela S. Closs

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The purpose of this book is make the American Sign Language (ASL) learning process easy and enjoyable. The techniques used are designed to help not only children, but to encourage adults to learn the language as well. With practice, patience, and an overall positive attitude, this book will help you succeed at learning ASL. Paperback, 36 pages.


When Jason "J.L." Raynor started 105 Publishing, his initial intentions were to utilize the company to publish his own books. However, after seeing other authors go through terrible publishers as he did, the purpose of 105 shifted to helping others, making sure they didn’t have the same experience. At 105 Publishing, they will exceed your expectations. When you decide to work with them, you aren’t just a client, you are a member of the 105 Family.

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